London boroughs are to receive £235 million in additional funding to help with road upgrades and repairs over the next 11 years.

The money has been made available by the government as a result of Phase 2 of the HS2 scheme being cancelled. £7.5 million has been set aside for this year, with the funding allocated based on the size of the road network in each borough.

In 2024 £354,000 is going to Hillingdon, £455,000 to Bromley and £368,000 to Barnet, with London boroughs immediately receiving around 96% of the first year’s funding. Transport for London will receive 4%.

The funding is part of an £8.3 billion plan, which the government says is the largest ever investment into road repairs and improvements.

Councils will be held accountable for how they spend the money by being required to publish regular updates on the proposed works, and they could see future money withheld if they fail to do so.

“This funding is part of a long-term, 11-year plan to ensure road users across London have smoother, faster and safer journeys by using redirected HS2 funding to make the right long-term decisions for a brighter future”, said Transport secretary Mark Harper.

“The fact the Government has found a significant additional pot of revenue should give councils the certainty of funding they need to plan proper long-term road maintenance, something we have been calling for many years,” said Simon Williams, RAC’s head of policy.

“We hope local authorities will use the money in the most effective way possible by resurfacing the very worst roads, keeping those in reasonable condition in better states for longer through surface dressing, and filling potholes as permanently as possible wherever necessary.