Corporate Social Responsibility Statement 2023/24

IT Fleet Automotive recognises that our social, environmental and ethical conduct has a direct impact on our reputation in the marketplace and how we are viewed by our employees.

We are committed to advancing policies and systems across our organisation to ensure we monitor all aspects of our Corporate Social Responsibility as it relates to our business; specifically, good ethical behaviour, concern for employees’ health and safety, and care for the environment and community.

A significant part of making IT Fleet Automotive a great place to work is acknowledging our responsibilities to all our people; employees and sub-contractors, our community and the environment.


IT Fleet Automotive expects all of its business is conducted in compliance with high ethical standards of business practice. We apply these standards to all our dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, legal authorities and other stakeholders.

A summary of the key objectives:

  • Directors, Managers and all employees will at all times operate within applicable laws
  • All employees have the right and responsibility to ensure that IT Fleet Automotive’s business is conducted with high ethical and legal principles
  • Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated
  • Directors, Managers and all employees that there is no conflict of interest in any of their dealings
  • Employees are encouraged and supported to report in confidence any suspected wrongdoings


IT Fleet Automotive predominantly provides services to the marketplace, which means we are only as good as the people we employ. We aim to find and keep the highest calibre of employees and encourage their contribution and personal development.

Our goal is to provide an environment that fosters collaboration and work practices that will drive our company forward.

Employees are provided with ongoing learning and development opportunities to fulfil their potential. IT Fleet Automotive’s policy is always to try and promote within when the opportunity arises.

IT Fleet Automotive is committed to providing an equal opportunity to all existing and prospective employees without discrimination based on religion, disability, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.

Occupational Health and Safety

IT Fleet Automotive is committed to eliminating workplace injuries and illness, and providing a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors, sub-contractors and the public.

Our objective is a zero workplace injury and illness policy.

We work to promote a culture where personal responsibility for safety and health is second nature.

IT Fleet Automotive complies with all relevant statutory safety and health legislation.

Our aim is for continuous improvement of safety and health management through communication, consultation, honesty and ownership. Employees are encouraged to report any potential risk hazards. All reports are elevated through the appropriate management chain up to director level for immediate assessment and action.


IT Fleet Automotive is committed to minimising the impact of its business activities on the environment.

The board of IT Fleet Automotive is accountable for the overall environmental compliance and performance. This includes providing guidance and necessary resources and support to ensure that IT Fleet Automotive’s business activities are undertaken in a manner that at all times considers and effectively manages potential environmental risks.

IT Fleet’s Management team are responsible for implementing IT Fleet Automotive’s environmental practices and guidelines. They are entrusted to proactively address issues that may adversely affect environmental performance within their business. This includes assessing likely environmental outcomes before decisions to proceed with activities and considering environmental outcomes when making decisions in the same way that consideration is given to safety, cost, quality and time.

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Andrew Timmis
Managing Director