A new map published by the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) shows where kerbside EV charging points are most needed for fleet drivers in the UK.

The map is divided into local authority areas, and is based on statistics from 75,000 drivers. The greener areas show where there is the greatest need, with the greyer areas indicating less requirement.

The high number of drivers without available off-road space to have a charger installed is a “major obstacle to electrification”, according to AFP Chair Paul Hollick.

“This is especially the case for electric vans, whose drivers are much more likely to live in a terraced house or apartment and lack this kind of parking,” he said.

“In these locations, kerbside facilities need to be installed in order for crucial overnight charging to take place – and the new map has been created in order to show national and local government, as well as charging providers, exactly where these new chargers are needed by our members.”

“Our aim is for kerbside charging to be made available within a safe 4-5-minute walk for all of these employee drivers. For electric vans to become widely used by fleets, a massive upgrading of the general infrastructure is essential,” said Hollick.

Many publicly available charging points are not big enough to accommodate a panel van.

The map was produced by net-zero analytics consultancy Field Dynamics. The data is based on a driver needing space for a typical electric van, such as a Vauxhall Vivaro E. The map shows overall driver footprint demand with more detailed statistics about higher and lower kerbside charging need areas. The map is an ongoing project, and drivers are welcome to contribute at the AFP’s website.

“We’re very keen for more fleets to add their data to make the map ever more complete,” said Hollick.