Followingapproval from Fleet customers and prospects, a new driver compliance app hasbeen launched by Licence Check.

The app,which became officially available on January 28 can be downloaded byDriver and Vehicle Information Solution (DAVIS) clients at no extra charge andboasts several innovative features.

Believed tobe an industry first, included in the download is the ‘quick check’ scanningtechnology. Terry Hiles, General Manager at Licence Check, now part of theEbbon-Dacs Group, said: “Positive feedback for our new app was that it offeredan innovative and extremely quick way to check drivers’ licences in the field”.

Designed tooffer a fast and convenient way to check a driving licence, users of the appcan scan a photocard driving licence with their smartphone camera. This createsa driver record in the primary DAVIS software application by capturing drivinglicence data.

From thisrecord, DAVIS then sends a pin code to the driver’s mobile phone with summaryinformation. For a check to be completed, the driver must verify thisinformation, which is checked against the DVLA database, with the results beingfed back in real-time into DAVIS.

Accordingto Licence Check, this is the fastest way for users of the app to check whethera driving licence is current and if the driver in question is permitted tocarry out their driving duty. The app is also designed to help keep manual dataentry to a minimum and reduce the number of steps involved in these checks.

Users ofthe app are provided with real-time and flexible access to driver and vehiclesummary dashboards, making it the ideal tool for users working betweenlocations, who travel frequently or work outside standard office hours. Theadvanced ‘quick search’ function is ideal for fleet managers. Using thisfeature, users can quickly check the risk profile of a driver or vehicle bykeying in ‘high risk’ or ‘disqualified licence’.

The app hasbeen designed for maximum functionality, with in-app calling and messagingremoving the need for users to store driver phone numbers in their phone’scontacts. Terry Hiles commented: “Both clients and prospects have beenimpressed by the app’s flexibility and the fact that it allows drivers’licences to be quickly checked anytime, anywhere both inside and outside officehours and within an office environment or remotely.”

It is hopedthat the availability of this new app will promote a more modern and flexibleapproach to fleet management in the future.