One in four owners of electric cars say that they retain a petrol or diesel car for longer journeys, according to new research from fleet solutions company Zenith.

The EVXperience Report heard the views of 2,800 of Zenith’s customers on their experience of driving electric vehicles.

Range anxiety and unreliable charging infrastructure were cited as two of the most common reasons why people are still reluctant to take their EVs on longer trips. Half of the drivers who took part in the research said that they only used their EVs for journeys of up to 30 miles, and 26% left them at home if they were going on family holidays or long distance journeys. 51% of people said that they had a second car that ran on petrol or diesel.

Most drivers (73%) said they had no plans to give up their high emission vehicle anytime in the immediate future. Only 18% used their EVs for journeys of more than 60 miles.

The research also showed that electric SUVs were among the most popular of BEV (100% battery powered), PHEV (plug-in hybrid) and HEV (hybrid) vehicles amongst drivers.

“It’s not surprising that the latest intake of EV drivers are coming to the EV world with less confidence than the first generation of adoptees,” said Tim Buchan, CEO of Zenith.

“It’s clear from our research that there’s still anxiety about travelling longer distances, so while it’s great to see so many drivers starting their EV journey with larger SUV models, typically ‘family’ cars, there remains a reluctance to becoming a fully electric household.

“We know EVs are the future of mobility, so we hope more work is done on providing certainty, starting with the government confirming its commitment to net zero with measures that support drivers to make the transition, and additional investment in our charging infrastructure, so it has a chance to catch up with consumer needs,” said Buchan.