At its annual dinner for members and guests, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) announced a three-year plan to address the contemporary challenges facing the sector.

The plan includes a significant investment in research to provide a clearer picture of the precise changes occurring within the industry, as well as the recruitment of extra staff to deliver further campaigns and training.

BVRLA chairman, Matt Dyer, said: “The ‘demonisation of diesel’, a spotlight on motor finance and questions about vehicle rental security have all dominated media headlines and risen up the agendas of both the Government and regulators.

"In the midst of all this media and policy activity, the BVRLA has to plot the industry’s course towards a fairer motoring tax regime, a competitive model for sharing and monetising connected vehicle data and a sustainable market for electric vehicles.

Dyer proceeded to outline a number of key investments being channelled by the BVRLA into staff members, external support and enhanced infrastructure. These included:

• Boosting campaign, communications, governance and training capability with recruitment of new staff

• Collaboration with external agencies to increase productive engagement with policymakers, local authorities and MPs

• Further investment in BVRLA’s digital platforms to enable more timely, useful communications with members

• Making its inspection regime more rigorous, providing a great level of feedback and support to members

• Introduction of a new e-learning platform, with increased opportunities for training and development to be offered

“We need a stronger and better resourced trade association that can really fight the industry’s corner,” added Dyer, stating the association’s aims to be a greater influencer within the industry.