Kerbside EV charging is a major issue for fleet drivers and operators. The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) have announced that it has appointed field operation specialists Field Dynamics as its data partner for its map showing where it is most needed for fleet drivers in the UK.

The online resource, in accordance with the GDPR, will be based on anonymous data and show where drivers live who do not have off-street parking. Electrification of fleets is one of the most pressing issues for the industry, with the 2030 deadline for the ban of new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK drawing ever closer.

No personal data will be included in the map, which is due to be launched before the end of next month.

Over recent months the AFP has been gathering data from fleet operators across the UK in readiness for the launch of the project. The information will be shared with local and central government as well as electricity companies and charging providers, to identify the areas of the country where fleet drivers have the least access to domestic EV charging.

“This project will involve harvesting, cleansing and processing information largely provided by the AFP’s project team members”, said Field Dynamics partner Charlie Gilbert. “We will then develop a methodology to compare this fleet footprint data with information about on- and off-street households to provide a view of which fleet drivers are in local authorities where there is high kerbside charging demand.

“The online map we then construct will be public facing and available for everyone to query and interrogate.”

AFP chair Paul Hollick said: “Initially, we expect to use data from AFP major fleets operating EVs totalling about 160,000 drivers but have also issued a general data call from any businesses across the country that might be able to contribute.”

Hollick said last month that the project had created more interest among AFP members than any other in its history. It is thought that as many as 70% of car and light commercial vehicle fleet drivers do not have off-street parking or access to charging facilities.