In a bid to support more fleets and businesses that use plug-in vehicles, The AA has launched its EV Support Service division. The service will include a ‘dedicated support package’ for operators across public, domestic, and workplace charging locations.

This new EV Support Service follows the AA’s partnership with SWARCO eVolt (announced in June 2020) to support drivers when using a chargepoint and builds on The AA’s existing capability across the business. This includes currently having the largest group of EV Level 2 trained technicians in the UK.

The AA's most recent whitepaper examines the current usage of and attitudes towards electric vehicles and alternative fuels, coinciding neatly with this launch aiming to support UK drivers.

Discussing emissions, the paper proposed that punishing polluting vehicle drivers is not a suitable way to reduce emissions if alternative fuels are not widely available. It continued that for EVs to become more common, batteries, range, and charging infrastructure will all need to be developed ‘significantly’.

Dean Hedger, AA EV new business development manager, said: “We have a deep and continued commitment to ensuring the availability of both the expertise and technology to meet the needs of fleets and drivers throughout their vehicle lifecycle.

“With more EVs on UK roads, it is important that we deliver a service that ensures excellent driver experience, for new users and EVangelists alike.”

Most AA company cars are already EVs or plug-in hybrids, with one third of the AA Prestige garage network EV capable, plus AA Drivetech provides specific EV driver training.

Hedger added: “The logical next step is ensuring we can support the infrastructure accompanying EV vehicle adoption.”