A new range of hydrogen additive products, reducing engine emissions by up to 80% and offering fuel savings up to 20%, has been released by British manufacturer CGON.

Developed at its research and development facility over the last eight years, CGON’s road-tested and independently-verified technology reduces emissions such as CO2, HC, NOx, PM and PM considerably.

The system works, CGON says, by introducing small quantities of pure hydrogen directly into the inlet chamber of the engine where it combines with the conventional mixture of fuel and air. The resulting combination provides a more complete combustion cycle by offering a burn which is both cooler and faster.

As a consequence, almost all waste gases from the combustion process are eradicated and less fuel is consumed, leading to significantly reduced emissions and fuel savings of up to 20% according to UK road tests.

The product, a recyclable hydrogen additive box, can be attached within the engine bay and used with any fossil fuel engine including diesel, LPG and petrol. Used in a diesel engine, the much cleaner emissions acquired help to reduce stress on the particulate filter, leading to reduced overall maintenance time.

The unit doesn’t store any hydrogen on board, instead creating the required amount on demand. The unit is kept topped up every 6,000 miles with an electrolyte solution patented and produced by CGON, with a 250ml pouch costing up to £5.

Simon Johnson, CEO of CGON, said: “Air quality, especially in cities, is one of the great challenges of our time. You can’t open a newspaper without reading about vehicle emissions in urban centres around the world.

“More than 100,000 cars fail their MOT each month on emissions alone in the UK. CGON’s ezero technology tackles this problem head-on by reducing particulates and NOx.

“We have completed testing of hundreds of vehicles at certified MOT stations and recorded an average 80% reduction in overall emissions, while also giving the consumer the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency.

“Independent testing by Emissions Analytics verifies our own testing, showing a huge reduction in emissions.

“Our patented technology generates hydrogen at an extremely low current with no hazardous bi-products.

“We have completed millions of miles of testing and the result is a credible and independently verified, low-maintenance product that could literally change the air we breathe, improve air quality on a global scale and save thousands of lives every year.”

The company’s leading consumer product, the ezero1, is aimed at small engines such as passenger cars and vans. Tested independently by Emissions Analytics’ Portal Emissions Measurements Systems (PEMS), the ezero1 has demonstrated reductions of 91.3% in PN (Particulate Number), 47.9% in NOx and 50.6% in NO2 emissions.

The ezero1 can be fitted to a standard combustion car in about one hour for around £459 (including VAT). The ezeroH1 and ezeroH2 models available are aimed at small coaches or light goods vehicles all the way up to HGVs and buses.