The average cost of an ex-fleet vehicle at auction has reached a new high, according to data from Manheim's latest monthly Market Analysis. The report confirms the average value of de-fleeted vehicles peaked at £6,981 in October, an average increase of another £185 on September, when values were again reported to have reached the highest average figure since June. After this latest increase in the value of ex-lease and contract hire cars, average values have now reached their highest level since the Manheim Market Analysis began back in 2007. Manheim's newest industry data merely serves to highlight the long-term shortage of good quality, low mileage vehicles at fleet auction. In comparison to the price of an original brand new vehicle, the average company car sold at around 35 per cent of that rate, compared to 32 per cent 12 months previous. Mike Pilkington, chief strategy officer at Manheim, said: "We're clearly seeing the economic theory of 'supply and demand' in practice here as ex-fleet vehicle prices continue to rise and rise. While the headline figure of £6,891 has no doubt been bolstered by a reduction in age and mileage of cars coming to auction, the big picture is still the same; we are simply still not yet seeing enough good quality de-fleeted cars in the wholesale market to meet demand. "Predicting future market trends is always difficult, but you have to ask how long can the market sustain such strong values?" There is no doubt that the refinement of fleet refurbishment and remarketing techniques is also a major factor in the market bucking the trend and retaining such impressive values. At IT Fleet Automotive we have been able to provide cost-effective vehicle remarketing for our clients using SMART repairs and refurbishment, from paintwork treatment to body scratch and stone chip removal. We place great emphasis on enhancing the residual values of fleets and have helped drive forward the vehicle remarketing industry into the 21st Century. So much so that we now have our own purpose-built 12-acre complex which hosts twice-weekly fleet car auctions in some of the most comfortable and central locations in the UK. Why not give us a try today and visit The Fleet Auction Group website.