The UK is ranked third among European nations most ready for the switch to electric vehicles, according to a new report.

22 countries were assessed by Lease Plan’s 2023 EV Readiness Index for a number of factors: the maturity of the EV market, the maturity of the EV infrastructure, and the total cost of EV ownership in each country. The UK was third, with Norway first and the Netherlands second.

This may come as a surprise to many, but it shows that the UK’s advocacy of electric vehicles over many years has translated into tangible results and a willingness amongst drivers to embrace change.

Over the last year the UK has significantly increased its charging infrastructure, installing more than 71,000 new public points, and 13,000 fast charge locations, the second highest in Europe. Maturity of the EV market in the UK also rose by 1 point, reflecting a 19% increase in the maturity of the market across Europe. The total cost of ownership maturity has fallen generally, due mainly to the rise in electricity prices.

The UK scores 36 out of 50 overall, with the Netherlands on 38 and Norway top of the EV preparedness table with a score of 42.

“It is great to see a significant improvement this year in the UK – we are more ready than ever before for the shift to EV,” said Alfonso Martinez, managing director of LeasePlan UK.

“It is now essential that we keep this momentum going: this year’s Index shows drivers in the UK are ready and willing to make the switch to electric, and we must keep pressure on both European and UK Government to ensure a robust public charging infrastructure is available to all drivers – including commercial vehicle fleets, incentives for switching like low Benefit in Kind rates, and OEMs that are able to keep pace with demand.”  

“The continued investment in charge points (including rural areas), electricity prices beginning to fall, and the Budget announcement for continued low rates of benefit in kind rates for EVs, have all helped ensure electric remains cost comparative with a petrol or diesel equivalent,” said Martinez.  

“We want every single driver in the UK to be able to go electric, and while this year’s results are promising, we still have work to do.”