Fleets face new speed limits on some roads in London, as part of a plan by Transport for London (TfL) to improve road safety in the capital.

TfL will introduce 20mph limits in four locations – the A10-A503 corridor in Haringey, the A13 Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets, the A23 London Road in Croydon and the A107 corridor in Hackney. A 30mph zone will come into force on the A10 Great Cambridge Road in Enfield.

The speed limits will be supported by new signs and road markings.

TfL have said that enforcement will be strengthened by increased capacity in the Met Police Service, new technology and new powers given to Community Support Officers.

“We are determined to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from London’s roads in line with our Vision Zero goal,” said Lilli Matson, chief health, safety and environment officer at TfL.

“Millions of walking and cycling journeys are made across London every day and people are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured if hit at 30mph than if a vehicle is travelling at 20mph or less”, said Matson.

"We’re committed to eliminating unsafe speeds and dangerous driving across our network and are working closely with our Metropolitan Police partners to ensure the new speed limits are robustly enforced.”  

A 20mph speed limit covers the entirety of the central London congestion charge zone, and there are 50 miles of roads now within the capital with a 20mph limit.