A study conducted by Opinium, the research consultancy for BigChange, found that one in 10 people who drive for a living or as part of their job, regularly do so while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Of more than 1,000 drivers, one in 10 admitted to driving after taking illegal drugs or consuming alcohol at least once a week, and 3% every day.

Martin Port, Road Safety Campaigner and CEO of BigChange has urged business leaders to take action and minimise the risk to the public by taking preventative steps and raising awareness. In a statement ahead of the Christmas party season he said:

“Any driver who takes to the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs creates unacceptable levels of risk to the public, and our research suggests that more than 2 million people who are trusted to drive as part of their jobs are putting lives on the line by doing this every week.

“With the added risk of Christmas party season upon us, business leaders must take sensible steps to ensure they’re not inadvertently making it more likely that their people are taking to the roads while under the influence.”

The study revealed that, geographically, London is the worst place for driving under the influence. One in four (26%) people who drive for a living across the capital, does so under the influence at least once a week.

When comparing younger and older drivers, a quarter of 18-34-year old business drivers confirmed they drink or drug drive every week and 10% do so every day.

The findings of this study were published as part of a road safety campaign currently being promoted by Leaders for Life.