A new survey of 780 newly-qualified British drivers by YouClaim has found that they are most concerned about the actions of other road users than any other aspect of driving their vehicle. Almost half (46%) of newly-qualified drivers surveyed voiced anxieties about the behaviour of other motorists.

When quizzed about the aspects of driving that are detrimental to their confidence at the wheel, more than a fifth (22%) of newly-qualified drivers said dangerous driving from other road users left them on edge. More than a tenth (12%) of drivers said that other drivers refusing to obey the Highway Code and those using mobile phones at the wheel (11%) caused unnecessary anxiety.

Richard Gladman, head of driving and road standards, IAM RoadSmart, believes the report demonstrates the need for greater consideration and respect for all road users.

“If I could give every road user a piece of advice, it would be to practice consideration. There is the old saying of ‘pay it forward’, which means that if everyone were to always treat others as we would expect to be treated, we would all be fine.

“This is particularly true when it comes to driving – for instance, when joining the motorway, allowing an extra five to six car lengths will reduce the need to fight for road space.

“There should always be a level of consideration for other road users. Instructors should be teaching drivers that just because the car fits there; it does not mean it should go there.

“Drivers should be more considerate towards other road users; allow pedestrians to cross the road and give the cyclists a little extra space.

“At IAM RoadSmart, we champion the ‘thumbs up’ for acknowledgment, as hand signals can often be misconstrued. When you’re more considerate towards other road users, and allow yourself time to make safe road choices, that anxiety in relation to others diminishes.”