Half of motorists have sustained damage to their vehicles in car parks within the last year, according to new information from the AA. Claims for cars that had been damaged in car parks actually increased over the pre-Christmas period, which was likely a result of so many car parks having been filled to capacity. 19,887 drivers were surveyed as part of the AA-Populus study, and just over half (51 per cent) stated that they had suffered some form of damage to their car whilst it was parked. Two-thirds of those surveyed (66 per cent) said that they would make an effort to notify the owner if they themselves caused such damage, whilst eight per cent admitted that they would probably drive off, especially if the incident hadn't been seen by anyone. Janet Connor, managing director for AA insurance, said: 'Parking a car can be extremely trying, especially if spaces are on the tight side _ after all cars are getting bigger but car parking spaces aren't. 'But that over half of drivers have suffered some car damage in a year is extraordinary and it shows just how hazardous car parks are. 'It's very easy to make a parking error and scrape another car or carelessly open a door, chipping the paint of a neighbouring vehicle. Unfortunately many people are either unaware they have caused damage or just don't bother to report it. 'And if the damage is substantial enough to justify making an insurance claim it's likely that the driver will lose some or all of their no-claims bonus if a claim can't be made off the person who caused the damage. 'There's nothing more infuriating than returning to your car to find that it has been damaged.î Claim records from the firm show that the majority of car park claims are collisions with other vehicles as well as with inanimate objects such as bollards, lamp posts or trolley shelters. 'Even at slow speed substantial damage can be caused by reversing into another car or striking a concrete pillar or bollard,î Connor added. 59 per cent of the car park scrapes occurred at a supermarket, and only seven per cent took place at a workplace car park.