New research suggests that around 80 per cent of company car drivers could be speeding, whilst still considering themselves to be law-abiding motorists. The survey, which was conducted by RAC Business, found that four out of five drivers regularly broke the 70mph speed limit, compared to just 69 per cent of private motorists. 90 per cent of respondents to the survey considered themselves to be a law-abiding driver. The RAC's Report on Motoring 2015 suggested that some motorists simply didn't consider speeding to be a serious driving offence, especially on the motorways.æ Two-thirds of company car drivers stated that they believed the speed limit should be increased to 80mph. Almost half of company car driver respondents said that they regularly hit 80mp whilst driving on the motorways, with 5 per cent admitting to reaching 90. However, there are several signs that motorists are starting to take more care.æ The 81 per cent that admitted to speeding on motorways was actually a lower figure than the 88 per cent last year. Speeding is typically less of an issue in more residential areas, but a quarter of drivers (23 per cent) admitted to regularly driving at 35mph in a 30mph zone. Jenny Powley, corporate business sales director at RAC Business, said: 'When you drive as part of your working day and are running late for meetings, it can be very tempting to break the speed limit. 'It's worth reminding drivers that the risks associated with speeding can far outweigh the time saved. 'After all, driving at 80mph instead of 70mph will only save you six seconds a mile, or 10 minutes over 100 miles.î