As part of Project Edward, a nationwide road safety campaign, police forces from across the UK will be cracking down on common driving offences, particularly those committed by people who drive for work. The offences the police will be targeting include driver speed, maintenance, driver fatigue and behaviour, loading, and towing for work.

This year, Project Edward will be focusing on the message ‘Every day without a road death’ and the campaign will be delivered in association with police forces across the UK, Highway England’s Driving for Better Business (DfBB) Campaign, the Association of Road Risk Management (ARRM), and the charity TyreSafe. Activities include a virtual road trip, which will include four stops each day. Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz vans, each stop will share interviews, stories, quizzes, and information focussed on work-related road risk for drivers and managers.

As part of Project Edward, DriveTech has launched a preview of their new Driver’s Mate animations, informational videos which are intended to improve aspects of professional driver behaviour. Colin Paterson, head of marketing at DriveTech, said: “We will contribute to this campaign message and hope that the Driver Behaviour webinar, and other road safety content we can provide during the week, will have a tangible impact to reduce road deaths and serious collisions.”

In Warwickshire, the police are also involved in Operation Tramline, a national collaboration with Highway England designed to target dangerously driven commercial vehicle, other high sided vehicles and private cars and reduce the number of accidents caused by unsafe driving every year.

Alongside Operation Tramline and Project Edward, Operation Snap, a process designed to streamline the way video and photographic submissions of driving offences are submitted by the public, took place in the later part of September 2020.