Fleets need to consider adopting more stringent drug driving policies as new figures suggest there is a growing issue among younger drivers, according to a new RAC survey. The study of more than 1,000 motorists revealed a rise from 5 per cent to 9 per cent among 17-24 year olds who admitted to driving under the influence of illegal substances over the last 12 months. The research is aptly timed following the Government's recent announcement that drug driving will be tackled severely within the Crime, Communications and Court bill, whilst handing police the authority to carry roadside drugalysers to catch law breakers. The drugalyser is designed to analyse motorists' saliva for levels of drug use. Drivers that fail the initial roadside test will then be tested with a more thorough machine at a police station, with penalties for drug driving expected to reach up to six months in prison and fines of up to £5,000. Neville Briggs, managing director of CFC Solutions, believes these measures are likely to kick fleets into action to implement a zero tolerance policy as part of its risk management policies. "Action in this area is long overdue from a general road safety point of view and these latest figures from the RAC, combined with the Government's announcement, should prompt fleets that have not already taken action to make drug driving part of their risk management policies," he said. "For too long, this has been an area of risk management characterised by a certain amount of cloudiness and elasticity because the law and its enforcement were themselves unclear. That situation has changed with the arrival of the new law. "Now, it should be made clear to employees that recreational drug use and business driving will be treated in a zero tolerance manner, and also that any doubts surrounding prescribed or over the counter medication should be raised so that further advice can be sought. Drivers need to take the subject seriously." For fleets aiming to keep their drivers on the move it is important to have a reliable and cost-effect fleet refurbishment service to rely on. At IT Fleet Automotive we can provide high-quality restoration to fleet cars. Vehicles are checked and refurbished on site with our professionals using industry leading techniques and technology to keep your fleet on the road. Give our experienced team a call today on 01473 313057 to discuss your requirements or drop us a line using our online enquiry form to get the ball rolling.