Government incentives for EV adoption by the fleet industry 'must remain', according to the latest report by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

The BVRLA’s Road to Zero Report Card, produced annually, gives an insight into how the UK is moving towards its transport sustainability targets. The report shows that demand from fleets is strong across all vehicle types, but identifies areas in which significant progress needs to be made.

According to the report the electric car market is benefitting from fiscal incentives and ESG commitments, order banks for electric vans are higher than ever, and even demand for zero-emissions HGVs is increasing, albeit from a much lower base.

The landscape for charging infrastructure is improving but continues to trail behind the ambitious targets that have been set. For example, the powertrain roadmap for HGVs has been ‘parked’, says the report, and that is affecting the speed of transition in the HGV sector.

“Electric vehicles are in high demand”, said Gerry Keaney, chief executive of the BVRLA. “Fleets remain committed to bringing cleaner, greener vehicles to UK roads and are delivering ambitious strategies to make it happen.

“The Government cannot rest on its laurels by taking that demand for granted. Incentives are making EVs cost effective, with low Benefit in Kind rates on electric company cars accelerating exceptional uptake. Those incentives must remain, otherwise the fragile market will stall in the face of severe economic headwinds,” said Keaney.

“More consideration needs to be given to the needs of all road users. “The Government is beginning to listen to these concerns and we will continue to push the issue until authorities across the country are building infrastructure strategies that fully meet fleet needs.”