Ctrack vehicle tracking system developed and implemented to target road safety and efficiency, has been launched by North Yorkshire County Council.

Ctrack by Inseego will be used to monitor the council’s fleet of 400 cars, vans, and minibuses as part of Its plans to promote the safety of both drivers and passengers, not to mention other road users. It Is also hoped Ctrack will Improv the efficiency of the council's fleet. Ctrack includes an in-cab driver feedback device and driver ID, along with a driver app called Driver Mobi.

Gary White, a fleet management officer at North Yorkshire County Council, spoke of the launch, stating: “Our aim is to continually improve our fleet safety and efficiency, so we needed an advanced telematics system that would support these objectives.

“We have worked closely with the team at Ctrack to develop and implement a solution that will provide us with added insight, while engaging directly with the driver to encourage responsible driving.”

A further measure of fitting a CANbus computer network will be fitted to a fleet of 85 minibuses to capture and report on a wide range of information including fuel usage (MPG), odometer reading (ODO) and engine performance.

CANbus Involves everything that sends an electric pulse, from vehicle airbags to each electric window, using the CANbus system to provide tailor-made vehicle tracking on every aspect of how the vehicle is being driven such as:

• Heavy Braking

• Hard Acceleration

• High Revving


• C02 Emissions

Cerena Butterworth, the council's team manager for No Wrong Door’s East Hub, said: “Our team at Stepney Road Children’s Home was initially anxious about the vehicle tracking being fitted, but their concerns have been unfounded and they have embraced the technology. It has created an air of competition, with staff regularly checking the Driver Mobi app to check their score and we have a trophy that is awarded to the best driver at team meetings. It has already fulfilled the purpose of promoting road safety.”

Steve Thomas, managing director of Ctrack by Inseego, said: “We’re delighted that the Ctrack system is already having such a positive effect on North Yorkshire County Council’s road safety campaign. The Ctrack solution has been designed to meet the varied and often complex requirements of large council fleets. The combination of our advanced yet easy to use software, in-cab driver feedback and driver apps helps councils deliver the benefits they require from telematics.”