The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has written to the Treasury to express its concern regarding fleet car tax measures and potential discrimination against the sector. The Budget announced last March a number of changes to the company car tax regime, which consequently made it harder for BVRLA members and their customers to claim Capital Allowances on their lease and rental vehicles. As a result, the BVRLA has created its own 'Business Car Taxation Taskforce' in a bid to lobby against the technical arguments that will see the Government aim to recoup an extra £2 billion from company car tax between 2013 and 2017, whilst making almost a million fewer fleet vehicles eligible for 100% first year or standard tax relief throughout the same period. The organisation is certain that if the Government pushes through these changes in the next four years it will place an even greater disproportionate tax burden on fleets, whilst simultaneously removing a vital stimulus for low-carbon motorists. John Lewis, chief executive of the BVRLA, said: "Tax incentives for reducing fleet emissions have worked too well and the government is worried about falling revenues. "But these measures are ill-advised, unfair and over aggressive. There is almost total consensus across the road transport and automotive industry that the government is in danger of erecting a massive roadblock across the road to low-carbon motoring." One of the first aims of the 'Business Car Taxation Taskforce' has been to lobby the Government for a more gradual increase in company car tax for drivers emitting 0-75g/km CO2 after April 2015. "We understand the need for austerity measures, but this assault on essential road users will result in more harm to the environment. It is even more misguided than the Pasty Tax," added Lewis. The pressure on fleet operators to maintain efficiencies has never been greater. As BVRLA associate members, at IT Fleet Automotive we are on hand to maintain the safety and quality of lease and rental vehicles using our industry leading vehicle refurbishment techniques. With SMART external and interior repairs and the ability to repair isolated damage at minimum cost, we are able to provide customised solutions to meet your fleet's specific needs. Why not find out more about what we can do for you by calling our friendly team today on 01473 313057 or drop us a line with your details using our online enquiry form.