As 2021 approaches, The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) is urging fleet decision-makers to audit their skills ahead of the challenges it is likely to bring.

The arrival of EVs, Brexit, and the continuation of the fight against Covid-19 will all require consideration.

Paul Hollick, chair of the fleet representative and training body explained: “We’ve been looking very closely at fleet manager skillsets in drawing up our new AFP Training Academy calendar for 2021 and it is clear to us that new demands are being placed on people working in our sector at a probably unprecedented pace”.

He added “having the right competencies could make the difference between success and failure in what promises to be a very challenging year.

“What we would say to fleet managers is to look at the challenges facing you and audit your skills to ensure that you have the required expertise. Things are moving very quickly and there is a definite need to stay current”.

The AFP has noted that both individuals and corporate interest in training is currently high. Hollick stated: “We are aiming to meet that demand in new ways that are suitable for the new fleet normal”.

Due to lockdown restrictions, delivery of training will have to be explored as much as the content. Hollick assures fleet decision makers that The AFP has “worked hard” on both aspects.

“The AFP Training Academy draws on the expertise of the Institute of Car Fleet Management and its unrivalled 28-year track record in offering the highest quality training to the fleet sector,” he continued.

“However, it is all about delivering options that are right for today, and we are placing a greater accent on providing courses that can be delivered online and remotely, and placing more emphasis on time and cost-effectiveness”.

He added that although AFP training has previously focused on the awarding of accreditations, “sometimes people just want to learn how to do things”. The units being developed, therefore, will teach “practical expertise in a single area”.

It’s an approach that we believe could make a lot of sense in 2021 and we plan to announce more details soon.” says Hollick.