The ACFO _ the premier organisation for all fleet operators in the UK _ has announced it is to host a new seminar to discuss the matters of parking and motoring fines.æ A number of expert speakers from some of the key organisations around the British Isles will talk as part of the event. Some of the main issues to be tackled during the seminar will include: liabilities facing both employees and employers when a Fixed Penalty Charge is issued by the police, the same problems encountered when a Penalty Charge Notice is issued by the local authorities, the main fine and appeal processes related to parking in public car parks and HR issues that arise for both employees and employers when fines are levied. The members-only seminar _ which will be entitled 'Another Fine Mess?' will take place on June 3rd at the Henry Ford College in Loughborough.æ More than 50 members of the ACFO have already pre-registered for the event, which will be sponsored by Ford. John Pryor, the ACFO director, said: 'The issues around both Fixed Penalty Notices and Penalty Charge Notices are confusing. It is proving to be a legal, financial and HR minefield for the unwary.î 'ACFO members have highlighted examples where paperwork has been delayed or errors made following the issuing of a Fixed Penalty or Penalty Charge Notice and that has resulted in an escalation of the matter prompting major concerns.î 'In many cases time is of the essence and delays in taking action can make matters worse.î Mr Pryor also noted the expert speakers planning to attend the event would provide a full lowdown on relevant legal issues, both in terms of problems that could arise as well as the best way to respond to them. Some of the event's main speakers include:

  • Robert Toft, the head of data sharing at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.
  • Phillip Somarakis, a specialist road traffic and regulatory lawyer at Davenport Lyons.æ Mr Somarakis is also the ACFO company secretary.
  • Spencer Palmer, the director of transport and mobility at London Councils, who in turn represent all 33 of the main London local authorities.
  • Kevin Reynolds, the director of policy for the British Parking Association.

Following each of the main four sessions (criminal liability, local authority parking enforcement, private land parking enforcement, leasing companies and HR issues), there will be a delegate question and answer session chaired by Stephen Briers.