In a survey by Venson Automotive Solutions, 85% of respondents said they are now 'more seriously' considering an electric vehicle - for personal use or as a company car - as a result of investment from Government, oil companies and the motor industry. Among the 100 motorists surveyed, the most cited deterrents to EV ownership were: lack of charge points across the UK (69%), limited range of mileage (61%) and the cost of charging (42%). Among the less commonly cited were cost of insurance - rated low at 19% - while battery safety was the least of motorists' concerns. Women (31%) were more hesitant than men (15%) to purchase or lease an EV, citing the inability to 'try before you buy'. The Government has announced plans to address EV charge point provision in the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, while oil giants Shell and Total have declared charging points will be a standard feature at their filling stations. Alison Bell, marketing director of Venson Automotive Solutions, said: 'It's really encouraging to see that public attitudes to electric vehicles are significantly shifting, as the industry invests in the necessary infrastructure. Clearly, Total and Shell's move to install more charging points is critical in giving motorists the confidence when it comes to choosing EV or hybrid." Although industry and Governmental commitments are having a positive effect, 41% in the survey stated their own lack of knowledge about the personal cost and convenience benefits of EVs had impacted their decision-making. As a result, Venson is encouraging fleet managers to provide the information needed to make electric company car ownership more attractive to motorists. The survey highlights, in particular, a requirement to advertise ownership benefits of EVs more frequently than the positive environmental impact.