A Chinese electric vehicle has driven 648 miles on a single battery charge.

The Nio ET7, a model not yet commercially available in the UK, achieved the feat during a range test when it was driven by Nio’s founder, chairman and CEO William Li. He drove for 14 hours and used 97% of the battery’s 150kWh capacity.

It demonstrates the potential of the rapidly evolving technology and gives an indication that one of the major challenges to EV take up – range anxiety – may not be such a major factor in the future.

Nio is investing heavily in battery swap technology, an infrastructure network that allows drivers to swap depleted batteries for fully charged batteries. There are over 1,200 Power Swap battery stations in China that Nio has installed, enabling batteries to be swapped in just five minutes.

“The completion of this range test marks the range of smart EVs going beyond 1,000 kilometers, which will further promote the transformation of the automotive industry from the consumption of gasoline to electricity," said Mr Li.

A battery swap network does not exist in the UK as yet, but once it does it is expected that the Nio will launch in this country.