Van auction houses are beginning to create their own vehicle grading schemes due to the lack of action within the industry. The current used car scheme sets out nationally-agreed grades to inform buyers of a vehicle's condition at auction, and was created back in 2012 under the supervision of NAMA, the National Association of Motor Actions. The used van market, however, is currently lacking a similar system. Alex Wright, LCV committee chairman at NAMA, said that creating a van grading scheme would involve a 'colossal workload' for a relatively small sector of the market. Mr Wright said: 'I have committee members who are determined to push forward a grading scheme, but the car one does not fit. Therefore, a whole new system needs to be designed for vans at great expense for a small market.î When asked if there was a possibility of a system being introduced within the next two years, Mr Wright noted that it was '50-50î but that he had so far received no requests from buyers for such a scheme. 'Buyer desire and need is not there at the moment and for auction houses ultimately there needs to be a return on investment,î he concluded. NAMA's current car grading system uses a scale of grades from one to five (or A to E) depending on defined conditions. Grade one or 'A' is used for a vehicle in ready to retail condition, whereas grade five or 'E' would be used to describe a vehicle that has suffered severe abuse and where panels may need replacing. Simon Henstock, vice chairman for NAMA, said: 'As part of our commitment to transparency with our customers, we felt it was important to develop a grading scheme for LCVs that would allow for informed decision-making and in support of online channels. While conversations with NAMA are at early stages we are aware that other members are developing their own schemes. 'It is clear that, while the various grading schemes are at different stages of development, it is in the interests of the whole industry that we work towards a national standard. BCA is actively working toward that goal and is a vocal leader in the discussions.î