A new report from Fleet21 has indicated many UK businesses are neglecting to provide driver safety initiatives for grey fleet drivers. A third of employers do not check whether grey fleet drivers have adequate business car insurance, while almost half (43 per cent) admitted they did not even check whether grey fleet vehicles have valid MOT certificates. Within the Fleet21 Business Driver Report, which analyses the current trends and attitudes of business drivers in more than 500 UK businesses, it was found that many grey fleets are being neglected by employers. Only a quarter (24 per cent) of grey fleet drivers are individually risk assessed compared to 35 per cent of company car drivers. There is a growing belief that grey fleet compliance should be uppermost in the thoughts of most businesses during the next 12 months. Simon Turner, managing director of Fleet21, said: "Grey fleet compliance is a key issue for businesses in 2013. Employers need to realise that however far, or infrequently, their grey fleet drivers travel, they still pose a significant risk to their business. "In our experience, grey fleets are often the forgotten drivers with businesses unsure of how to assess their risk and what action to take. "As a result, adequate processes are not being put in place which is a worrying state of affairs.î It is very important that employers act responsibly and make the effort to understand legislation for grey fleet drivers. As many as 25,000 drivers are working illegally for British businesses, so it is incredibly important fleet operators regularly check driving licences and ensure drivers are adequately insured.