UK road users are most worried about snow and ice as the cold winter months descend, according to a recent survey by AA. Five per cent of drivers said they were 'terrified' of driving on compact snow and ice, with the majority putting this danger ahead of night-time fog and strong winds. The table below outlines the most feared weather conditions across the UK, (showing the percentage of drivers who rated their confidence at 6 or above out of ten, with 10 being extremely confident): 1. Compacted snow and ice (46%) 2. Fog at night (53%) 3. Fog during the day (60%) 4. Very low temperatures and icy roads (62%) 5. Heavy rain at night (68%) 6. Falling snow (70%) 7. Low dazzling sunlight i.e. spring / autumn evenings (70%) 8. Strong winds (81%) 9. Heavy rain during daytime (84%) Surprisingly, it is women who are most terrified of snow and ice, with 11 per cent saying so, compared to only two per cent of men. Unsurprisingly younger drivers tend to be the most confident in these conditions, with 25 per cent saying they were extremely confident, falling to 12 per cent for drivers over 65. Drivers in London and Northern Ireland were the least likely to say they were 'extremely confident in snowy and icy conditions, with Scottish and North Eastern drivers the most likely. Drivers in the North East were the most confident of all in combating adverse weather, particularly in foggy conditions. Jim Kirkwood, managing director of AA DriveTech, said: 'Driving is the most dangerous work-related activity most employees undertake. 'So during the winter months when we are likely to experience adverse weather conditions in the UK it is even more important that employers make sure their drivers' skills are up to scratch. 'Confidence issues _ either too much or too little _ and difficult weather conditions can be a dangerous mix so I would urge all fleets to ensure their training is up to par before the bad weather really hits.î