Many UK companies are missing out on easily-attainable savings approaching £400 million a year relating to their fleet vehicles, according to new research from LeasePlan UK. Following a review of over 133,000 company cars and vans LeasePlan identified multiple opportunities for its own customers to save over £50 million alone _ equating to roughly £390 per vehicle _ just by making changes to their fleet operations. Spread this across the nation's total of over a million fleet vehicles and this translates into potential savings of over £400 million. Based on its review, LeasePlan indicated that over a third of companies (39 per cent) could achieve the biggest savings by improving technical support and the overall automation of vehicle servicing arrangements and repairs. Meanwhile a further 20 per cent of savings could be made by simply making amendments to company policy on replacement vehicles and reducing off-road time by improving accident management processes. Matt Dyer, commercial director at LeasePlan UK, said: "In the current economy, cost is a major consideration for most companies. As budgets tighten and tax incentives decline, many companies are looking for savings through their fleet policy. "LeasePlan believes company cars and vans can be a cost-effective productivity tool, and to prove it, we have started rewarding our staff for saving customers money. "Optimising a fleet depends on a wide range of factors: the type of company, the vehicles involved, and the nature of usage. So while construction companies typically benefited from better technical support savings, tax efficiency was the key issue for the retail sector." Improving workflow processes for fleets is something we are dedicated to here at IT Fleet Automotive. With a transparent and efficient vehicle appraisal and refurbishment service we endeavour to reduce vehicle down-time and improve the bottom line of your logistics operations. Call our friendly team today on 01473 313057 to discuss your requirements in more detail or drop us a line with your business needs using our online enquiry form today.