According to a new survey, around two-thirds of UK drivers are failing to recognise major symptoms of dehydration whilst driving: symptoms which include slower reaction times, a loss of focus and muscle cramps.æ As a result, they are putting both other drivers and themselves at risk. Driver errors are currently accountable for 68 per cent of all crashes in the UK, so motorists are being encouraged to take proper precautions by ensuring they're properly hydrated before they begin each journey. 1,000 drivers were surveyed by Leasing Options, and over half claimed to be aware of the risks of driving whilst dehydrated.æ However, they seemed to be doing little to actually prevent it. Health authorities generally recommend drinking around two litres of water each day.æ However, Leasing Options found that 37 per cent of those surveyed are currently only drinking around one litre each day.æ 18 per cent, meanwhile, said they drink less than one litre per day. 84 per cent of drivers considered drink-driving more dangerous than dehydrated driving, even though a recent study conducted by Loughborough University revealed that dehydrated driving is actually the equivalent of being over the drink-drive limit in terms of its impact on driver errors. London and Birmingham came out on top for awareness of dehydrated driving, with 62 per cent of London drivers and 67 per cent of Birmingham Drivers stating that they are aware of the risks involved. The survey also suggested that men are typically more aware of the risks than women. 43 per cent of drivers admitted not having a bottle of water with them whilst on long drives.