Businesses that allow drivers aged 25 and under to hit the road on work-related journeys are being urged to implement more stringent policies and procedures to reduce the number of crashes involving those under 25 years old. Fleet software and risk management specialists, Jaama insist that organisations should have a minimum age at which employees are allowed to drive fleet vehicles and their own cars on business trips. Jaama also recommends that businesses initiate a minimum timeframe between a younger employee passing their driving test and getting behind the wheel of a fleet vehicle on company business. Drivers' licences should also be checked more frequently than those of more experienced drivers. Martin Evans, sales and operations director at Jaama, believes organisations can play a vital role in reducing the number of young driver deaths just by implementing new company policies. "Employers can try and limit those risks by, for example, not allowing young and newly qualified drivers to take to the wheel of vehicles above a prescribed brake horsepower (bhp) and also ensuring they are familiar with the vehicle," he said. "We would also recommend a minimum age policy and a minimum time period between an employee passing their driving test and being allowed to drive for work. It is clear from the research that age and inexperience is a lethal combination in terms of road safety." In the event of any unfortunate incidents involving fleet vehicles, at IT Fleet Automotive we provide a comprehensive fleet service from collections to appraisals and refurbishments to deliveries, guaranteeing a complete logistics service across the UK _ whatever the volume or location. Our industry leading technology ensures we can provide fully-costed damage and refurbishment estimates by our fully trained vehicle inspectors. We have been fortunate to keep many of our clients very happy over the years and many of them are returning customers. Why not see what we can do for your fleet? Give us a call today on 01473 313057 or get in contact online using our enquiry form.