According to the latest statistics, there has been a 12-fold increase in parking ticket appeals during the last year. The data, which has come from the Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA), show that 25,214 valid appeals were registered in the twelve months leading up to the 31st March this year, with 23,500 appeals being decided.æ Of these, 10,661 (45.37 per cent) were allowed and 12,839 (54.63%) were refused. Lead adjudicator Henry Michael Greenslade said: 'Popla is working well and is valued by the public. Since my last report the number of cases being decided has grown substantially and we are now receiving up to 600 appeals each week. However, the number of matters coming to appeal is very small in comparison to a figure of well over two million requests to the DVLA from private parking operators for vehicle and owner details.î The service is independent of parking operators and the British Parking Association.æ It's currently operated by London Councils, which is also responsible for running Patas, the appeals service responsible for dealing with on-street parking appeals in the capital. When an appeal is received it's then copied to the relevant parking company so that they can submit their own case (including evidence).æ Before any case is determined by an assessor, it must be considered and rejected by the company that initially issued the parking charge notice. The news follows the ACFO parking seminar, in which it was revealed that six out of ten vehicle fleets don't actually appeal their parking fines.