The Energy Saving Trust has revealed it has trained over 30,000 motorists as part of its Smarter Driving programme, funded by the Department for Transport (DfT). The scheme, which trains employees in techniques to provide them with the necessary skills and experience to drive more efficiently and reduce the likelihood of being involved in a road accident, is said to have saved fleets up to £7.5 million each year. Research suggests that drivers who complete the course could save the equivalent of 20p per litre. This equates to around £250 per vehicle on fuel given the average motorist drives around 12,000 miles a year. Having trained over 30,000 employees in businesses located around the country, the scheme has therefore saved a potential £7.5 million and reduced fleet outgoings in the process. Bob Saynor, manager of the Smarter Driving programme, said: 'Smarter Driving helps companies to cut down their company fuel spend and makes significant reductions to their carbon emissions and green credentials. "As a further incentive from April 2013, businesses will be able to save up to 40 per cent towards the cost of training in the new financial year." The University of Manchester started training its employees within the Smarter Driving programme in January, achieving an average of 39.9 miles per gallon, the equivalent of an 18 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. Andrew Hough, sustainable travel planner at the University of Manchester, was delighted with the results of the scheme. "Nearly 100 of our fleet drivers took part in Smarter Driving Training and the overall feedback was very positive," he said. "The driving instructors were really friendly and experienced and their guidance will be used by our staff to save money and carbon both at work and in their private lives. "We hope to run the training again next year, possibly extending it to staff that use their own vehicles for business journeys." The programme is aimed at being rolled out at many more businesses in the coming months as the Trust seeks to continue to improve overall driving awareness. Saynor added: "We have seen hundreds of organisations benefit from our Smarter Driving programme over the last four years. We now hope to reach out to even more businesses to allow them to take advantage of our significantly reduced costs."