According to research, the majority of British drivers are incapable of reading a map, and have become far too reliant on their sat-navs. A new survey released by has shown that UK drivers are now so reliant on their electronic devices that they are often completely unaware of the route they've taken in order to reach their end destination. Interestingly, the same survey showed that 91% of drivers relying on their sat-nav have at some point become lost in the last part of their journey because the device was unable to take them to the exact spot of their end destination. The survey quizzed 1,150 private and commercial drivers about their sat-nav use, and found that 77% of respondents who use one relied totally on it to guide them.æ Two-thirds of respondents no longer bother to look at road signs and 60% said that they aren't able to read a paper map. Johny Ratcliffe from said: 'It's becoming very clear that satellite navigation is making drivers lazy, and it's got to the point where people arrive at their destination with no clear idea how they got there." Another point worthy of being highlighted was the increased danger that can occur as a result of reliance on technology.æ Mr Ratcliffe referred to the relatively common practise of drivers suddenly changing lanes because of their reliance on a satnav. 'Over reliance on satnavs makes zombie drivers out of us," Mr Ratcliffe concluded. "It's absolutely okay to switch it off and follow the road signs. You might even get there quicker."