Road safety charity, Brake, has released a fleet guide for reducing driver distractions, in the hope of reducing the number of accidents on our roads. The guide includes a survey report, best practice guidance for managers and an advice sheet for drivers, provided free-of-charge for organisations that register for Road Safety Week. Mobile phones and in-vehicle sat-navs can cause fatal distractions, with drivers taking their attention off the road and hitting pedestrians or other vehicles, which is deemed a criminal offence. Brake's survey showed that 98 per cent of fleets take action on mobile phone risk, either by educating drivers on the risks involved or by banning all hand-held or hands-free mobile phone use at the wheel. However, conversely, 48 per cent of fleets operating sat-navs systems do not require their drivers to refrain from touching them while driving, something which Brake is keen to change. Roz Cumming, professional engagement manager at Brake, said: "Distraction at the wheel can have devastating consequences. These resources highlight the danger distracted drivers pose to themselves and other road users, and give clear guidance on the steps fleet managers can take against this risk. "I urge all companies who employ people who drive for work to demonstrate their commitment to fleet safety by taking part in Road Safety Week, and by signing up to the Fleet Safety Forum to gain access to more resources like these." Les Owen from Licence Bureau said: "Having witnessed three fatal crashes and attended many more, in which it is believed at least one of the drivers was distracted, I do not want anyone to suffer the devastating effects these crashes cause. "Those responsible for drivers at work know of the risks of distraction, yet so many are not doing simple things that can prevent collisions. "We recommend introducing checks on what drivers are doing while driving, followed up by management action and communication to staff. "This will help ensure all drivers in the company are aware of what can happen if they are distracted at the wheel." Road Safety Week Road Safety Week is coordinated by Brake and runs from November 18-24, involving thousands of different organisations including schools and driving awareness campaigners. This year 'Tune into Road Safety' is the main theme, promoting concentration and awareness while at the wheel. Brake is encouraging fleet managers to take the following action to pass key messages onto their drivers: ´ encourage staff to use roads safely, through special email bulletins ´ include a road safety feature in their newsletter, magazine, intranet or website ´ making a road safety display using the free posters from their e-action pack ´ ordering additional educative resources from the Brake shop ´ sponsoring a giant Road Safety Week banner to display in your community ´ running safe driving presentations for employees (Brake provides training courses on this) ´ joining forces with local educators to run awareness-raising events or activities