According to new research by the Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI) and the Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), the quality of decision making in the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was considered to be sub-standard in over half of the cases analysed. A new report has shown that service to bereaved families was in many cases considered to be 'poor and short of its own guidance'. The report has made a huge number of recommendations for the CPS in order to 'reinvigorate its approach' in cases of both road death and injury.æ This includes the increased need for specialist prosecutors in certain cases. The findings of the study have echoed the negative experiences of many bereaved and injured road crash victims who obtained support from road safety charity Brake through its helpline. The charity has urged the CPS to implement the suggestions made in the report, something they didn't do in 2008. Brake, who are 20 years old this year, have worked with every police force across the UK in order to offer support to injured and bereaved road crash victims, and have since played a role in training police family liaison officers. Julie Townsend, the deputy chief executive at Brake, said: 'Crown prosecutors and police investigators do difficult and hugely important jobs. It is vital they fulfil their roles as professionally and consistently as possible, to ensure devastated victims of road crime feel informed and supported, and that justice has been done. Brake has been at the forefront of supporting crash victims for many years, and we know that many are left feeling betrayed and distressed by their experiences of the justice system. 'We are very encouraged by the significant progress that has been made by police forces in liaising with road crash victims, and hope they will continue to improve and provide victims with a passionate and dedicated service. However, as is made painfully clear by this report, the service being provided by the CPS is inadequate, in terms of decision-making and communication with victims. The CPS needs to implement the HMCPSI recommendations as a matter of urgency.î