Members of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and the Road Haulage Association (RHA) have been given exclusive access to a new joint fuel card from The Fuelcard Company, which offers fuel at discounted rates. The card, which will operate on the Keyfuels network covering one-in-five of all UK fuel stations, can be used at over 1,600 sites nationwide and will provide fleets with an opportunity to reduce transport overheads. A number of the Keyfuels sites offer dedicated HGV fast-flow pumps with a third having capacity for HGVs of up to 44 tonnes. Members will be able to take advantage of weekly fixed fuel prices based on the bulk market, which could result in significant savings of more than £50,000 per year against the national pump price. In addition, fuel card users will also have access to The Fuelcard Company's online fuel management systems giving them the option to keep track of every penny spent on fuel. The system is also designed to be increasingly interactive, with The Fuelcard Company's smartphone app enabling drivers to find a fuel card compatible fuel station on the move. Drivers can also log in online and use the website's site locator to download fuel site locations straight to a sat nav. The card will be free for the first year to users, with the option to cancel with no additional charge at a later date. Theo de Pencier, chief executive of the FTA, said: "The FTA realises how important it is to its members to reduce their fuel costs, and is delighted to be able to bring them the opportunity to do so with the help of the RHA FTA fuel card. "Joining forces with RHA means that we can pool our resources and offer members excellent discounts and price reductions. "Having worked together with FairFuelUK in a successful campaign to stop fuel duty hikes, we have gone one step further towards the solution to getting fixed weekly fuel prices for our members."