More than a fifth of British drivers are planning to leave their vehicles in the garage over the Easter holidays, according to the latest research. Drivers in both London and the South East are planning to shun their cars, averaging only 36 miles _ a third less than drivers in the North _ according to the data from Autogas. Linda Gomersall, the general manager of the firm, said: 'In our opinion, the survey results show that people are not looking at travelling long distances in what has traditionally been one of the big driving weekends of the year. "More broadly, household bills - including petrol - mean the cost of living is at an all-time high at the moment." A number of reasons for the lack of use were cited, with rising fuel costs and predicted traffic jams in particular being noted as key. 'We believe the cost of petrol and potential traffic congestion mean people are less willing to spend hours on the road on the Easter Bank Holiday weekend,î said Ms Gomersall. Easter bank holiday has always been one of the busiest driving weekends in the UK, with people seeking to take advantage of the long weekend in order to get away.æ Traffic jams are therefore commonplace, especially on Britain's busiest roads. One of the keys, according to Autogas, is LPG: 'However, fuel is an area where people can look to save money through the use of LPG. Currently LPG is around half the price of unleaded and diesel and available at 1400 refuelling sites across the UK. More needs to be done to end the duopoly of these fuels and give people more cost-effective and cleaner alternatives.î