DriveTech has announced substantial new research on the behaviour of younger at-work drivers and is planning to release the information at Fleet Management Live, one of the industry's major events which will take place at the end of October. Many organisations are aware of the importance of introducing occupational road risk solutions, but it's already well known that young people in particular face a higher risk on the road. The road mortality rate for younger people _ classed in this instance as those under thirty _ is 69 per cent higher according to a report by the European Transport Safety Council. Independent market research company Road Safety Analysis will be carrying out the research for DriveTech using data from between 2006 and 2015, taken from STATS19.æ This is the police road traffic accident's own reporting form and will be used to explore multiple variations on how young worker drivers become involved in injury collisions. The research will explore when, where and why young people crash and will look at their crash characteristics when compared to other business drivers; offering insight on how fleet managers can use the information to improve their business practises. All of the information will be released at the Fleet Management Live 2016 event in the form of a public whitepaper. David Richards, the head of marketing and research for AA DriveTech, will be presenting the research at the event.æ Mr Richards has more than a decade's worth of experience in driver road safety and training. AA DriveTech has already carried out a range of research in a number of 'at-work' driver demographics, including car, van, truck, bus and coach and it's hoped that this research will compliment that.