A new not-for-profit industry advisory body has been launched in order to spread best practise and expertise within the fleet industry.æ The Bristol-based Fleet Industry Advisory Group (FIAG) will be headed up by Geoffrey Bray, the former boss of fleet management firm Fleet Support Group. In addition to their above duties, they will also be charged with publishing white paper reports on industry-specific topics. Mr Bray said: "The traditional fleet manager is now rare, and with their passing companies have lost the knowledge and skill necessary to deliver a cost-effective fleet operation," "There is a real need to reintroduce into the fleet management process individuals with a clear understanding and the necessary skill and knowledge to deliver professional fleet management. "It is extremely important that best practice processes are implemented within fleet. FIAG's 'masterclass' concept will protect investment, improve operational efficiency and safety and, importantly, demonstrate that management is competent and capable," The new organisation will also be running a launch workshop relating to both vehicle procurement and purchasing, to be held at the Arnold Clark Group's GTG Training Academy in Wolverhampton. A current recruitment drive is in place, with the FIAG charging a special introductory annual subscription of £350.æ As well as benefiting from the launch workshop, members will be able to benefit from other similar future events, as well as receiving white papers on key industry issues.æ They will also receive free-of-charge advice and mentoring from some of the industry's most noted figures. Founding members of the group include Graham Bellman, director of fleet services for Travis Perkins, Ian Houseley, health safety environment and quality director, Justin Patterson, responsible for overseeing the 7500-strong MITIE Group fleet, Ged Raymond, fleet manager for Autoglass parent Belron and Peter Weston, fleet manager for the Home Retail Group. 'Through FIAG fleet managers are sharing their many years of experience to further professionalise the industry to which they have dedicated many years of their lives. 'Invariably there is no right or wrong way or single formula to tackling a fleet issue, but through networking, communication and a hugely knowledgeable base of founder members best practice can be shared and adopted more widely.' 'The goal for every professional fleet manager should be to implement a sustainable performance programme in all areas of managing the driver, vehicle and journey.'æMr Bray concluded.