A new trade body has been launched in order to provide fleet users with responsible and secure access to DVLA data.æ The Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV) was formed as part of the response to the abolition of the current driving licence paper counterpart. Members of the association are already established in terms of providing driver licence checking through the DVLA's own Electronic Driver Entitlement Checking Service.æ The data provided by the ADLV member companies will help to formalise the grouping and provide employers with a new alternative for validating driver entitlement data for employees. The ADLV will conduct regular audits of members, and will operate within a strict code of conduct to try and ensure that the DVLA's data assurance standards are being met. ADLV members will supply customers with full licence details, and will have the ability to schedule data re-checks and to monitor licence holders dependent on updated driver risk profiles.æ They will work on an online batch e-processing basis. The ADLV's system will work in contrast to the DVLA's superior SMDR (Share My Driver Record) system, which requires each driver to register their consent whenever an employer wishes to access their file. Malcolm Maydock, the newly appointed chairman for the ADLV, said: 'There is a willingness by all the main groups involved to support the formation of a trade association that delivers a best practice approach to driving licence verification for fleets. 'The ADLV addresses these needs fully and has recruited the most experienced and professional organisations in the business to deliver the service. 'Indeed, the ADLV members are very much a proven and trusted quantity. 'Looking forward, the ADLV is currently working closely with the DVLA on new batch and real-time solutions that will replace and enhance the existing services in the near future.î Jim Kirkwood, the managing director for AA Driving Services, said: 'There are a number of important issues involved here. 'On one hand there's the safety issue of ensuring that drivers of fleet vehicles have the right entitlements. Then there's the issue of privacy, as no-one wants to run the risk of exposing extremely sensitive and personal driver data to all-comers. 'We welcome the creation of the ADLV as real progress towards solving these issues, as it ensures appropriate data access governed by strict compliance and protected by effective security, in line with the DVLA's data assurance standards. In this respect it meets the operational demands of both the fleet and insurance industries.î Initial members of the ADLV include: Licence Check; Drivercheck; Licence Bureau; Fleet Claims Administration; DrivingMonitor; AA DriveTech (UK); GB Group; Pinewood Technologies; Admin Business Solutions; Chalcheck; Interactive Driving Systems; Fleet Partnership Solutions; Descartes Systems UK; and Intelligent Data Systems (UK).