New research has indicated that more or less every driver has at some point seen another road user using their mobile phone within the last twelve months. 99% of respondents to the AA/Populus survey said that they'd seen a fellow driver using their mobile whilst at the wheel, with one in ten getting so annoyed that they'd beeped the horn, flashed their lights or shouted at the mobile user in question. Jim Kirkwood, the managing director of AA DriveTech, said: 'The use of hand-held mobile phones is an epidemic amongst drivers who appear to be addicted to using their phone whenever and wherever they please.î Drivers caught using their mobile phone face three points and a fixed penalty fine of £100, and can be fined up to £1000 if the case ends up going to court.æ Many police forces are now giving drivers the option of an educational course instead of points and a fine _ the cost of attending the course is usually around £90. Drivers in Yorkshire and Humberside (and West Midlands) were most likely to react to illegal mobile phone use (13%), with those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the least likely. A small minority (1%) of drivers made an attempt to stop another driver in order to let them know their annoyance of the mobile phone use. Mr Kirkwood said: 'Drivers seem to be split into two camps _ those who are so against drivers using hand-held mobiles that their blood boils when they see someone doing it and those who just carry on using their phones at the wheel without seemingly caring about the risk. 'While we absolutely don't suggest drivers take the law into their own hands and confront other drivers, these results do highlight the frustration of many motorists who do recognise the risks if using a mobile phone while driving.î