LoCITY Champion, the City of London Corporation, has decided to ban diesel vehicles from its procurement process. The public authority is one of the leading organisations shaping LoCITY and will no longer lease or purchase diesel models when replacing parts of its 300-strong fleet in the future. The corporation has already cut its transport NOx emissions by over 40 per cent since 2009 through the employment of newer and cleaner vehicles.æ It has also been able to cut PM10 emissions even more, achieving a 50 per cent decrease in the same time period. It has recently started encouraging businesses to limit their deliveries within the Square Mile and to start making better use of hybrid electric cars. LoCITY was launched in January this year.æ The industry-led programme was set-up with the aim of reducing emissions from commercial vehicles within the city.æ It is currently working with organisations across the capital, including the City of London Corporation themselves, as well as a number of others.æ LoCITY is also working with the 32 London boroughs, not to mention a range of notable businesses in the area. Fergus Worthy, project manager for LoCITY, said: 'The City of London Corporation is leading the wayæin helping to reduce emissions and improve air quality for all Londoners, so we welcomeæitsædecisionænot to acquire any more diesel vehiclesæwhere a non-diesel alternative is available. 'As a LoCITY Champion, the Corporation is setting a great example for other local authorities, businesses and operators to follow. 'I would encourage anyone interested in following its lead by changing their own procurement processes to get in touch with LoCITY and benefit from our advice, Working Groups and resources.î A number of different stakeholders are involved in LoCITY, including central and local government, freight and fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, trade bodies, providers of fuel and infrastructure as well as planning and procurement officials. The City of London Corporation is a FORS Gold operator and a market leader in terms of helping to lower emissions in the capital.