As the IT Fleet team prepared the new Longbridge site for launch in Birmingham, the cameraphones were on hand to capture daily activity. It was a hive of activity!

Day One

Electricians started this week and ground works in compound under way. The eight-acre site is a fantastic addition to IT Fleet's base of operations.

Day Two

Electricians complete the interior lighting work. Meanwhile, the first of the ovens are installed. In the meeting room, Harriet is hard at work in the sorting out the Longbridge recruitment lists. Outside, rollers and diggers prepare the surface ready for the first vehicles to come into Longbridge!    

Day Three

Installation of equipment is proceeding at quite a pace. The second oven is in and extraction equipment is hoisted into place. Carpenters start work on long workbenches a the side of the main unit.  

Day Four

After three days of hard work, we let the team have a (short) break. The yard is compacted and ready for vehicle storage.

Day Five

Final ducting is added to the two ovens. Almost ready for vehicles to come in for refurbishment.