Policy Manager, a new software which automates fleet policy writing, is to be launched by FleetCheck during this year's CV Show 2017. The program has been designed to assist companies of all sizes _ SMEs in particular _ through the creation of compliant and operationally effective legal frameworks for fleets. Access to Policy Manager will be supplied as a free-to-use portal for existing users of FleetCheck's fleet management software. Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, said: 'This product has been in development for some time because we wanted to ensure that we made it as watertight and easy-to-use as possible. We believe that it is an industry first and meets a genuine need among a large number of fleets.î The portal will provide fleet companies with an archive of fully editable templates for documents such as driving policies and driver handbooks. These documents can be easily circulated among relevant parties via the program, after being personalised and edited to include fleet-specific information. The software keeps track of and organises previous versions, as well as noting when drivers accept their paperwork. To ensure policies remain up-to-date and easily accessed, Policy Manager also generates alerts when a document is due for review. 'In today's culture of heightened legal awareness, many companies are concerned about their degree of compliance and what would happen if they were faced with an investigation following a road accident,î explained Golding. 'Policy Manager is designed to allay these fears by giving companies straightforward tools, processes and guidance that will create a complete fleet health and safety infrastructure.î Perhaps for this reason, all of Policy Maker's templates were co-produced with specialised lawyers from the fields of occupational road safety and health & safety compliance. The program also maintains clear records to allow for full auditing of its processes. Additionally, access is provided to expert advice covering more complex functions in the software. 'We are especially pleased to be launching Policy Manager at CV Show 2017,î added Golding. 'There is always a high level of interest among visitors in ensuring fleet compliance and efficiency."