iPointlive has launched software which enables businesses to monitor their employees via their mobile phones. iPointlive's Mobile Employee Management software is able to turn GPS-enabled phones into monitoring devices, allowing employers to locate their staff at the click of a button. The app replaces the requirement for manual time sheets and mileage information, which is now reported digitally and stored via the cloud, meaning reports can be accessed from any internet compatible device. Benefits to businesses include improved driver and organisational performance, reduced costs, reduced driver distraction and compliance with health and safety laws. Without manual processes, this removes discrepancies and the opportunity to input false or exaggerated fuel claims. Company director Steve Cole said: 'Black-box technology that monitors company vehicles has been around for many years. Our approach differs because we put employees central to all we do. 'Our Mobile Employee Management app is unique in that it is automatically able to monitor the movement of employees however they are traveling, whether it is on public transport, in company or private vehicles or on foot. And because we utilise the latest technological advances, it minimises the drain on the phone's battery life, unlike some other GPS applications.î 'Our software also has important monitoring features that can help promote safer driving practices. With the ability to record safety data such as how fast the driver is travelling and how often employees make or receive calls or text messages whist driving, poor behaviour can be challenged and changed using iPointlive.î The app also generates automatic reports confirming that drivers have reached a particular destination, which could be a home address at the end of their shift, or a particular delivery location. iPointlive differs from the current crop of apps available in that it does not rely on employees telling the system when they start and finish work: 'This provides the employee with control over when they are monitored and so inevitably, employees who do not welcome the idea of being monitored will either turn the phone off, or not turn it on at all. "There will also be frequent occasions where the employee will genuinely forget. This makes these systems difficult to implement, manage and hard to rely on. 'Because iPointlive is fully automated, these issues no longer exist for our customers,î he added. Web-based reporting provides a wide range of performance and activity reports which can be securely accessed, providing effective remote performance analysis. IT Fleet is proud to stay on the cusp of technological innovation, with our leading Fleet Plus management tool, providing a range of vehcile storage, refurbishment and transport facilities.