Introducing FleetPlus – A revolutionary new inventory management system.

FleetPlus is a brand new web-based application available to all IT Fleet customers that enables you to manage your fleet from anywhere in the world in just a few clicks.

Whether you're at your desk or on the other side of the world – all you need to do is navigate to and enter your username and password. Once logged in, you'll have complete control of all your vehicles managed by IT Fleet. FleetPlus isn't an off-the-shelf system; it's been designed and developed specifically for IT Fleet Automotive and our customers. We think its launch demonstrates our commitment to technological innovation and excellent customer service. And we believe the ongoing development of FleetPlus will make it the benchmark for all fleet management systems.

FleetPlus is being released in three stages:

1. Storage

  • Cars are booked onto FleetPlus live at gate entry, so the data you see is bang up-to-date
  • Search for specific vehicles or browse your entire fleet
  • Stock lists can be downloaded showing number of days onsite and the respective cost
  • Signed appraisals can be viewed showing damage
  • Photographs of vehicles can be uploaded
  • Approve the release of vehicles in just a few clicks
  • Offsite information includes collection agent destination

This stage was released on 11th October and is successfully being used by all storage customers.

2. Refurbishment

  • Ability to track cars through process from on route to complete
  • View damage
  • Authorise estimates
  • Detailed summary of all cars including status i.e. awaiting parts, RAC inspection, awaiting photos etc
  • Days in process through each stage
  • View Signed Collection /delivery appraisals and estimates

This stage will be tested mid November by a number of selected refurbishment clients.

3. Transport

  • See live data of vehicles en-route
  • Collected with signed appraisal
  • Delivered with end mileage
  • Customer signature
  • Hand over details

This stage will be released for client testing in January 2011 .