According to new information from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), many high-mileage drivers remain sceptical about the safety benefits of speed cameras. The new paper _ titled 'The Views of High Mileage Drivers' _ found that 28 per cent of high-mileage drivers had a negative view of speed cameras: this is 10 per cent more than other drivers.æ It also found that more than half of the people surveyed felt that speed cameras were 'little more than a money-making tool' The paper was commissioned by IAM Drive and Survive, the commercial arm of the IAM responsible for providing driver risk management services. 60 per cent of high-mileage respondents to the survey thought that other reasons existed for the installation of speed cameras (apart from where the cameras were installed in black spots), compared to 39 per cent of medium mileage drivers and 47 per cent of low-mileage drivers. High mileage drivers were also the most divided over whether money generated from speed awareness courses should be used to help operate speed cameras, and over a quarter of them believe that speed cameras have not assisted in reducing the number of road casualties taking place. Government figures show that between 2008 and 2013, 3,493 people were killed in accidents involving a driver/rider who was driving for work.æ 515 crashes occurred in 2013.