Rules governing HGVs are to be modernised across England and Wales, according to an announcement by Transport Minister, Claire Perry. The Government are planning to raise the national speed limit from 50mph to 60mph for lorries travelling on dual carriageways, following on from the increase in the single carriageway limit introduced earlier this year. Ms Perry said: 'It is really important that speed limits for lorries reflect the needs of a modern transport network and improved vehicle technology. "Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world and I am determined to ensure this continues. This change is about ensuring rules for lorry drivers' speed limits are in line with other larger vehicles on our roads, creating a fairer and more proportionate system.î The current legislation was first set up in the 1980s, and will be updated. The road safety charity, Brake has already expressed disappointment at the government's aims, with deputy chief executive, Julie Townsend saying: 'This decision runs against work to more effectively manage traffic speeds and reduce casualties and emissions on our roads. 'As with the decision to raise the HGV speed limit on single carriageways, the Government is making a leap of faith in spite of the legitimate concerns of road safety groups. 'The Government itself admits that, at best, there will be no economic or road safety benefit. At worst, it risks increasing deaths and serious injuries on our roads if the largest vehicles are allowed to reach higher speeds more often. 'The relationship between increased speed and increased casualties is a proven one, so why take the risk? 'Increasing the HGV speed limit on single and dual carriageways sets a dangerous precedent, sending a message that if traffic laws are persistently flouted, the Government would rather change them than get tough with the law-breaking drivers putting everyone at risk.î