A new service has been developed by Grosvenor Leasing to support and advise companies on the transition to low emission and zero emissions fleets. The software, called 0Zone, is designed to support clients in the development of low emission vehicle policies. It will provide guidance on plug-in and hybrid vehicles as well as the required steps to deliver electric vehicles (EVs) and ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) to motorists. Shaun Barritt, CEO of Grosvenor Group, said: 'The shift towards EVs and ULEVs is not something that is going to go awayƒ At some point all companies operating vehicle fleets will make the transition to a new era of fuel technology and our advice is to be pro-active and start planning now. 'Most company drivers have spent their entire working lives driving traditional petrol or diesel vehicles and a key factor in making a smooth transition is to communicate with them and get their buy-in. 'It's also vital to understand the current opportunities, and limitations, these vehicles offer so that timely decisions can be made, and begin to budget around the financial implications and forecast what the fleet operation will look like in years to come. 'At Grosvenor Leasing, we have developed our new 0Zone service to guide companies operating vehicle fleets, large and small, smoothly through the process and plan ahead rather than react too late.î